Franklin Roosevelt New Deal Analysis

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In the presidential election of 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt beat Herbert Hoover in a landslide victory across the Southern and Northern states. Roosevelt promised the American people hope in a time of economic disaster; "I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people." (Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal-The Library of Congress.) The outcome of this promise included an end to the Great depression and a forever changed America. Unlike his opponent in the election of 1932, Herbert Hoover, Roosevelt believed it was the government’s duty and responsibility to the people to make prosperity during these bad times. FDR with his “Brain Trust”, a group of intellectuals and university scholars, was quick to propose unheard of policies in an …show more content…
Roosevelt fulfilled his promise of prosperity to the people: the outcome lifted America out of the Great Depression and changed the American politics permanently. Roosevelt’s administration had benefits that are not seen on paper or in statistics, but are very easily noted whether it is his down to earth approach to people or his simple speeches he will be an unforgettable president. FDR’s fireside chats were relaxing to the people and ensured a transparent government with benefits clearly stated, “This security for the individual and for the family concerns itself primarily with three factors. People want decent homes to live in; they want to locate them where they can engage in productive work; and they want some safeguard against misfortunes which cannot be wholly eliminated in this man-made world of ours…” The Roosevelt administration put into place a wave on programs that brought together the American people through unions, social assistance, public work programs, and rural benefit

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