Franklin Roosevelt And The New Deal Essay

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In the 1930’s Americas economy had collapsed and fallen into a depression. Millions of Americans were unemployed and it was only getting worse. When Franklin D. Roosevelt came into office, he acted quickly to recover the economy and provide jobs. Over a span of eight years the government creates programs and projects known as the New Deal to restore the country back to health. Although Franklin Roosevelt and Congress did a lot to bring the New Deal in order we cannot forget that without the Americans, workers, and people it would not have been possible. Some of that helped and brought change during this era were the African Americans and the New Deal Coalition comprised of less prominent Americans. It is important to recognize, that the promise and impact of New Deal programs alone cannot be all due to the government but the people that had personally helped put in power the Democrats in Chicago and in Washington mattered enormously. Due to all of this many people were put back to work and America began to regain her momentum since the depression had caused such devastation to the economy. An example of how the Americans went about making this deal was African Americans supporting Roosevelt in 1936. Until the New Deal, blacks had always stayed loyal by voting for republicans, however had shifted to the democrats. Workers felt that the policies of the national Democratic Party were making a difference in their lives. Allowing Roosevelt to be elected as President and start…

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