Franklin Elementary Education Reflection

I was trilled to see the fifth grade posting for Franklin Elementary School. The Manitowoc Public School District has great appeal to me because it is striving to close the achievement gap through the use of research-based curriculum. I believe that researched-based curriculum pushes and helps students to reach their full potential.

I would truly enjoy the opportunity to become a Franklin Falcon and to facilitate with the other staff members to foster a positive and challenging learning environment. After reading the mission statement, I would be honored to work at a school that is striving for success as a united entity by providing both strong academics as well as a caring and safe environment for children to flourish as individuals.

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I was given the If Then curriculum books from a colleague and I designed lessons for Small Moment stories, poetry, How to books, and Informational Science Labs. With the types of writing I taught and the diverse backgrounds of the first grade students in my class, differentiated instruction was a must. A great deal of the students had not had experiences that would lead them to being able to write a how to book. Due to this, I had to sit down with some students to help them further develop a list of possible ideas that they could write about. This was a great experience and has further developed my understanding of this model. While teaching summer school, Mr. Dunlap the principal from Madison came to observe me. After the observation, we sat down and discussed what he saw. This discussion helped to know that I have the big picture of the workshop model but need to continue to work on refining small aspects such as keeping my mini-lesson to ten minutes and researching what the students is working on before deciding on my teaching point during

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