Herbert Hoover Downfall

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Million s unemployed, millions starving, millions without homes. Can one man’s ideas bring it all to an end? Franklin Delano Roosevelt sure tried to. By deploying numerous programs to help counter different parts of the crisis, FDR slowly turned the country around. In a time of great need, FDR stepped up to the plate and through experimentation, brilliance, and strategy; he ultimately saved the United States of America by delaying the Great Depression and turning the tides.
In 1928, Herbert Hoover, a republican candidate, ran for president. Little did Herbert Hoover know, the country was about to fall into the worst economic depression the country had ever experienced. Herbert Hoover won by a record margin of 444-87 in the Electoral College with forty states supporting him. No
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When promising to take immediate action FDR made the famous quote, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” When FDR was finally sworn into office and became president of the United States, over twelve million people were unemployed. He had no particular plan of stopping the great depression minus immediate action. Instead, FDR surrounded himself with his trusted advisors, also called his “Brain Trusts,” and brainstormed ideas that would eventually make up the New Deal. One thing would be for sure, FDR would remain true to his words of immediate action. During the first one hundred days of his presidential career FDR brought a storm of activity as FDR established plans for national recovery. While FDR made plans and programs for stopping the Great Depression, he kept the public reassured and calm with his great rhetoric and his use of the radio. He would use the radio and talk to the public later calling them fireside chats. In his first fireside chat, FDR told people to put money back into the banks which would help to re-open the

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