Franklin Delano Roosevelt And The Great Depression Essay

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt stepped in as leader during a dark time in American history. Although some of his policies were unsuccessful, many of them helped pull America out of the Great Depression. There were a multitude of causes for the Depression, it was a culmination of many smaller problems resulting in one very big problem. There were also many reason as to why it lasted so long and was so cruel. FDR’s policies and programs were somewhat controversial and debated by many, but most of them proved to be successful. Even today, causes of the Depression are debated by Historians. Since 1921, rural America had been experiencing a farm crisis, but urban America paid little attention. The Hawley Smoot Tariff of 1930 quickly made things worse for civilians. The tariff taxed imported goods which caused prices of goods to increase to numbers too expensive for consumers to buy. The lack of regulations in business proved to end up being very harmful to the United States’ economy. One third of America’s wealth was only going to five percent of the population. The other two thirds were left to be dispersed among the other ninety-five percent of America’s citizens. There was also a lack of security in banks. In just one day, entire life savings could disappear from bank accounts. This terrified Americans. Besides the obvious fact that there was no money, there were many factors that made the Great Depression seem especially long and awful. The Depression tore families apart.…

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