Essay about Franklin Delano Roosevelt And The Era Of His Presidency

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Imagine if the New Deal never occurred back in the early 1930’s. If Franklin Delano Roosevelt had not pushed for a political realignment and legal reform that shaped the era of his presidency. The ways politics were changed and laws were revised to help the country out of the Great Depression that reaped havoc in the United States throughout the late 1920’s and on into the 1930’s. According to Wikipedia, “The programs were in response to the Great Depression, and focused on what historians refer to as the "3 R’s," Relief, Recovery, and Reform.” Legal reform is required for the country to smoothly transitions through the many eras that will occurs throughout the history of the United States, and throughout the many other generations that will occupy this earth. In the last decade, the United States courts, including local, national, and supreme courts, have witnessed many cases that have not only backed up the courts but made a huge impact on the mindset of the country as a whole. The focus around this change in mindset is the distrust in the legal system and the countless cases that get fast verdicts and brainless decisions to push them through the system. The three major parts that outline these problems include; the trust of the people that sit at the top of the courts, the numerous cases that go untouched for years, and the new phenomenon of third party litigation (the practice of providing money to a party to pursue a potential or filed lawsuit in return for a share…

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