Franklin D. Roosevelt 's Speech Essay

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Franklin D. Roosevelt gives one of his most famous speeches only eleven months before the United States enters into World War Two. Europe has been at war for one year, four months and five days. In this address, FDR has two focuses, his plan to support the nation’s allies in Europe and build up the economy to aid both his international and domestic agenda. FDR uses the rhetorical appeals logos, ethos, and pathos to support his rally of the American people to the cause of the war effort in World War Two.
To substantiate his pathetic goal, President Roosevelt uses multiple logical methods in his address. He focuses on how the US is strong enough to hold its own borders against the world and how it has a duty to help defend the nation’s foreign allies. Roosevelt uses deductive logos for a pathetic gain. In order to assure the audience of US military power, FDR mentions the “Napoleonic struggles” and the War of 1812; “we engaged in the War of 1812 to vindicate our right to peaceful trade” (Roosevelt). He uses these references to help the reader deduce that when an outside nation threatens the US, the nation will fight back and keep control of the Western hemisphere. FDR uses this implication of military intent to support his next topic: “the immediate need is a swift and driving increase in our armament production” (Roosevelt). Roosevelt uses logical examples to show where he wants to accomplish his goal to continue to keep the US as the world military power on the nation’s…

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