Franklin D. Roosevelt- Hope For America Essay

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Franklin D.Roosevelt- Hope for America

President Roosevelt made his mark in America’s history as a gifted leader while serving during a time of great economic crisis. He was elected to an unprecedented four terms as President due to his popularity. No doubt the Great Depression had affected the Republicans chances for election in 1932 which was Roosevelt’s first term in office as President. The movement seems to be more anti-Hoover than pro-Roosevelt at the time due to the economic depression for most Americans. The Democrats harnessed the national grudge and let it pull them to victory over the much-unloved incumbent, President Hoover. In that time a vote for Roosevelt was a vote against Hoover. Reminds us of the politics of today. The overwhelming American majority indicated an intense demand for change; “a new deal” was in the making. One questions whether any upstanding Democratic candidate could easily win since Hoover was so unpopular at that time.
The “lame duck” period between the time of the pre-inauguration period ground slowly to an end. Hoover, though defeated and rejected was still President for four long months during this hardship period for Americans. Coincidentally, he was helpless to make any long-range changes to policies. Hoover did attempt to arrange a meeting with the President-elect to discuss issues and in hope of making beneficial changes. Roosevelt remarked to the press “It’s not my baby”. He did not wish to take on the responsibility without…

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