Essay about Franklin D. Roosevelt And The President Of The United States

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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt who also goes by the nickname of “FDR,” impacted the United States as well as the world in major way. Franklin D. Roosevelt served as the 32nd president of the United States during an economic crisis. (“Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography”) FDR was born in 1882 in New York. His parents James and Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt were both wealthy people. Roosevelt enrolled into Harvard University in 1900 after graduating Groton. While he studied in Harvard, he became engaged to his 5th cousin during his last year. He married former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt’s niece, Eleanor Roosevelt in March 17, 1905. (“Miller Center”) President Roosevelt won the presidency in 1932 as a Democratic defeating Republican candidate Herbert Hoover. When he took office in March of 1933, he faced the issue of 13 million unemployed Americans as well as many bankrupt banks and businesses. Roosevelt was up for a difficult task. His job was to restore the American economy quickly. His presidency which lasted 12 years is the longest of any president to this date. Franklin D. Roosevelt showed leadership in American History because he led the U.S. out of the great depression and to victory in World War II while leaving the legacy of the New Deal.
While “FDR” waited for his turn as president of the United States, the U.S. economy had worsened. The economy had been the worst in the history of the United States. The great depression is what…

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