Franklin D. Roosevelt And Joseph Stalin Essay

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Franklin D. Roosevelt, William Churchill and Joseph Stalin attended the Yalta Conference. One agreement they made was to divide Germany into four parts. The Soviet Union got the largest portion in the east while the U.S., Great Britain and France received the western part of Germany. Berlin was also split into four sectors since it was the capital of Germany. In addition, the leaders agreed to create an Allied council to govern Germany. Before creating this council, they removed the National Socialist Party from power, and punished all war criminals. Since there was not a leader at the time, the German people needed some concept of leadership and government, and the council provided this. Stalin also wanted a portion of land in Eastern Europe to make sure that his country was not isolated like it was after WWI. Roosevelt agreed that he could have the land, but only if he held elections in those regions. This was the Declaration on Liberated Europe which stated that the eastern European regions can have self-determination where the citizens can choose how the government is run. The third provision that was made was that the Soviet Union would declare war on Japan three months after Germany lost. In return, Stalin received South Sakhalin Island and other pieces of land.
Joseph Stalin, Harry Truman and Clement Attlee, who replaced Winston Churchill, attended the Potsdam Conference. One agreement that was implemented was The Potsdam Declaration which stated that if Japan…

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