Frankish Influence

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The re-found connection between Christianity and the Frankish people was caused by the outward pressure of Muslims which entail lead to a new found pride in the lives of soldiers and Christian monks. This new found pride in barbarian soldiers was motivated by Christianity while the new found pride in the lives of Christian monks was motivated by the safety and wealth brought in by the barbarian soldiers. The influence on one another was originally very positive, but as the influence became stronger the Christian Monks drifted farther and farther away from The Rule of St. Benedict. St. Bernard of Clairvaux saw many problems in the monastic system that were caused by pride.

In spite of the fact that the Song of Roland is exaggerated
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Many Frankish people came to the assistance of the Holy Land because the Frankish Kingdom was influenced by Christianity almost 600 years earlier. The new found motivation for the reconnection between Christianity and barbaric people brought a very positive motivation to the lives of barbaric soldiers. Because the barbaric tribes were defending something as sacred as Jerusalem they believed they were defenders of the Christian faith. St. Bernard of Clairvaux was a tremendous supporter of the “defenders of the Christian faith” so much so that he preached to the second crusade in hopes to inspire the soldiers so they could continue their success. The motivation to defend the Holy City was also inspired by the idea that each Barbaric soldier could “gain pardon for every sin that you confess with a contrite heart.” When the Crusaders were unsuccessful in the Second Crusade St. Bernard was quick not to blame what may have seemed like the obvious problem but insisted that they were defeated “due to the crusaders’ loss of God’s favor because of their sins.” The reconnection of Barbaric culture and Christianity increased the quality of people's

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