Frankenstein 's Monster, And The Count ( Vampire ) Essay

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MONSTERS AT WORK is a comedy that brings together some of the most famous icons in film history, such as the werewolf, Frankenstein’s Monster, and The Count (vampire). The idea of real-life monsters living among humans is a fun and enjoyable concept.

The story conveys how even monsters have to struggle for a living and have personal issues. The story is also driven by the themes of tolerance and acceptance. Not everyone in this make-believe world accepts the monsters. This is certainly a nice setup for conflict, tension, character growth, and it sets up the story to send a special message about accepting people and creatures that feel different.

While the idea is well appreciated and the script shows some strength, the script would benefit from more development to build upon those strengths.

One of the first concerns is the lack of identifying a clear actionable goal for the protagonist, Marty. While he’s an actor and wants good roles, it would benefit the script to create a specific actionable goal for Marty that he needs to go after. For example, maybe he wants a specific part in a particular movie. Maybe he wants to play a human part. Maybe he has a goal of opening his own business. Whatever his goal is, it should be one that the audience can identify with.
It should also be a goal that has consequences and stakes. For example, maybe Marty is in jeopardy of losing the family home if he doesn’t get the part. Maybe his business is in jeopardy. Identify the stakes for…

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