Frankenstein Book Report Essay

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1) Mary Shelley's classic book, Frankenstein has been a staple in popular culture since the book was first published but many people fail to grasp the overall meaning. This tour guide was built with the intention to help others understand Victor Frankenstein's journey as he travels. This understanding will be essential to understanding the theme that Shelley was trying to portray.
2) Victor Frankenstein, the eldest child of Caroline and Alphonse Frankenstein, was born in Naples Italy.
3) When Victor Frankenstein was five he and his parents spent a week-long trip on the shores of Lake Como. It was here that Caroline fell in love with little Elizabeth Lavenza who with her foster parent's permission would be put in the Frankenstein's care.
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Determined to start work on his promised mate for his creation Victor bid his friend a farewell and began a tour of Scotland alone
19) Victor journeyed to a very remote part of Scotland, the Orkneys in order to begin his. While staying in a small hut he has rented on the islands he sees the creature and decides that he can not continue his work on the promised mate. Victor rips the almost finished body apart while the creature watches helplessly from the window. Angry, Frankenstein's creature threatens to be with him on his wedding night. This vow frightens Victor.
20) After the occurrence in Orkney Victor decided to board a boat and sail until he could easily get rid of any supplies used to build the mate but subsequently Victor fell asleep. He awoke to a group of hostile people and was accused of murdering a man who had been found hours before, Henry Clerval. Upon hearing of Henry's death Victor fell into a dreary state. The magistrate of the town was able to contact Alphonse Frankenstein who came to get his son after Victor was acquitted of the
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Victor managed to baffle his father many times on this trip because he admitted guilt to all three murders his creature committed.
22) Eventually, Father and son returned home. Victor and Elizabeth finally set a date for their wedding although Victor felt very anxious about their impending wedding date due to the creature's threats. After much anxiety, Victor and Elizabeth are

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