Essay on Frankenstein : Science Fiction Vs Sentimentalism

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Workshop Frankenstein: Science Fiction Vs Sentimentalism For this workshop, we looked onto different phrases that struck our curiosity. I felt as if most of them had the same hidden message: egotism engenders only misery. Our first narrator, explorer Robert Walton, reveals in one of his letters that “he shall not kill no albatross” (19) making an allusion to the Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel T. Coleridge. In the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the old Mariner kills an innocent albatross for no reasonable reason while the bird had tried to help him and his crew. The spirits of the sea murder everybody on board and leave the mariner alive, the same way Dr. Frankenstein’s family is murdered by the Creature who allows Dr. Frankenstein to live. In that sense, Dr. Frankenstein is the parallel culprit of the misery around him, the same way the Mariner is the cause of the genocide of the whole crew. Moreover, like the Mariner, Dr. Frankenstein is left retelling his own misery to a stranger. The victims of this book are, like the albatross, consequential victims of a person or persons’ egotistic and/or unreasonable hatred. The tragic story of Justine Moritz is one of the best examples of the hidden theme. Justice in Frankenstein’s book is based on a very egotistical form of justice, that of predatory retribution; We are certain that the Creature planted incriminating evidence on Justine, however the humans executed her; the same way they preemptively deemed the Creature to be…

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