Frankenstein Monster Character Analysis

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I think the most innocent character was the transcendent genius Frankenstein. He was deeply imbued in the secrets of science and would have a good future. No one would know that his marvelous invention would send his relatives and wife to death. He refused to invent a partner for the monster because he knew that everyone had looked down upon his invention.
It is hard for anyone to find the perfect companion, especially if that companion is one of a kind. In a way, Victor longed for the perfect companion and turned to his science to try and create the perfect companion and be able to find what he thought he was missing in his life. The way he describes his creation, he makes it seem like he is mothering a child into birth. He shapes the sanity
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He starts by taking his revenge out on killing Elizabeth on their wedding night. After this tragedy having had happened to Frankenstein, he becomes much like his creation and seeks out for revenge himself. On the creature’s lonely experience, he experiences that he is the only one of his kind. Even though he feels connected to humans he realizes he is much more different than others and is too different to be accepted and he wants a companion. The monsters need for having a companion is so strong and overpowering that he will do anything and go through anything and everything that it takes just to have a companion that will love …show more content…
I see Frankenstein as a self-centered person who is un-capable of love, and there is not one thing that is heroic about him. There is a scene in Chapter twenty-four where Frankenstein argues with the Captain of the ship, mentioning that they should continue northwards, or suffer returning home. Frankenstein is blind to his own actions and yet will jump at the chance to lecture others in an aggressive manner. From what I realized, Frankenstein uses reverse psychology on others to get what he wants and to make himself look like the victim. In his moment of dying Frankenstein wishes death upon his creature. He believes that the natural world is on his side, and that he is in some way the victim of the entire story and that revenge has to be made for his grievances, even though he is the one to blame for every situation that has happened. He had suffered a lonely

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