Essay on Frankenstein, By Mary Shelly

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Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelly explains the evils including pain and suffering that prevail when science and nature are taken advantage of. Throughout the novel, the idea of affliction is a constant theme and is continuously mentioned but it not explained thoroughly. Many authors have also concluded with several opinions that support the idea that Victor is the main cause to all of the suffering throughout the novel Frankenstein. More specifically, Victor’s creation and treatment of the monster have a negative impact on the monster. Because of Victor’s immediate hesitation and detachment of him, Victor is the only one to blame for the monster’s actions. While, the actions of both characters affect each other in a negative way, Victor’s actions are the most detrimental to the monster, who experiences extreme wretchedness through out the entire novel.
When Victor created the monster, he chose to leave him and not take responsibility of his actions. Later in the novel, Victor knew that the monster was going to try to kill his family members because of the way Victor treated him. It can be said that is Victor chose to treat his creature correctly; the monster would not have acted as he did. In his essay, Paul Sherwin states “As the central misreader, Frankenstein is the chief victim of the text 's irony, the humor becoming particularly cruel whenever he thinks he is addressing the supernatural powers that oversee his destiny, for his invocatory ravings never fail to…

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