Essay Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley

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The Book Frankenstein , or The Modern Prometheus was written by Mary Shelley, she tells a story about a grotesque creature artificially made in an unorthodox scientific experiment by the character Victor Frankenstein. The first edition of this novel was published anonymously in the year 1818 in London , England. Five years later, the second edition was published and Shelley’s named appeared. Prior to writing the famous novel, the author spent much of her time traveling Europe. In 1814, Shelley went on an adventure to the Rhine river in Germany and visited a place called Gernsheim which is 17km from Frankenstein’s Castle itself; where an alchemist performed numerous experiments two centuries prior. Her next destination in her journey was to a place called Geneva, where most of the story takes place. In Geneva she met up with her colleagues and they wanted to have a competition to see who could write the best horror story amongst the group. After spending several days brainstorming ideas for a novel the idea finally hit her. Shelley had a dream about a scientist who experimented with bringing things back to life and then being aghast of his monstrosity he had created. This dream turned out to be the idea of her new horror story.
The novel Frankenstein begins when a young man named Captain Walton takes a ship into the Arctic Ocean and hopes to find important scientific discoveries. On his journey his ship gets stranded in ice which surrounds his ship. As the ship lay stuck in…

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