Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley Essay

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It could be said that Mary Shelley’s writing was very advanced for her time, especially since she spoke about science fiction before it was a major genre. Shelley also spoke about Romanticism in Frankenstein. Her novel explored the suicide and doppelganger motifs. Although Frankenstein was one of the last Romantic works, it was also one of the first science fiction novels. Her success of Frankenstein may be due to her having drawn inspiration from her life. To this day, Shelley’s Frankenstein may be considered one of the most important contributions to the Romantic and science fiction genres.
Shelley started composing Frankenstein at age nineteen when she, her husband, Lord Byron, and John Pokidori challenged each other to write a “ghost story” (Dussinger, 38). Surrounded and influenced by Romantics, Frankenstein became a late contribution to Romanticism and is one of the first examples of science fiction. However, despite her young age, she had been published before. Shelley had been writing since childhood and first published a book through her father’s Juvenile Library (Harris-Fain 1997). Her husband, Percy Shelley, and her also wrote a travel book together prior to Frankenstein (Harris-Fain 1997). While Shelley found success at an early age, her other works did not continue the pattern left by Frankenstein.
Even though Frankenstein deviates from Romantic beliefs, the novel can be seen in a Romantic light, or as an example of what Romanticism is not. “Frankenstein’s…

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