Frankenstein And The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essay

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Ranking of Monstrosity in Frankenstein and The Picture of Dorian Gray

Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley in 1818 is a Romantic novel recounting Victor Frankenstein’s creation of a grotesque monster and the unintended consequences that follow. While The Picture of Dorian Gray written by Oscar Wilde is a Victorian novel recounting the creation of Dorian Gray’s portrait. Although Shelley’s Frankenstein and Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray were were written during different literary eras, both share an uncertainty in defining what characteristics make a man a monster. Mary Shelley and Oscar Wilde create ambiguity in the texts by constructing multiple characters, who could be interpreted as monsters. Although multiple characters could be considered monstrous, there is ranking in terms of monstrosity. Both novels compare and contrast manipulative creators and the effect on their creations. These creations should be ranked lower in terms of monstrosity than their creators because the monstrous acts committed were a result of the creator’s influence. Victor Frankenstein and Lord Henry portray manipulative creators in a similar way, while Frankenstein’s creation and Dorian Gray contrast in the nature of beauty and monstrosity. There is not a single, encompassing definition of what makes a man a monster, and this ambiguity contained within both texts, allows the reader to identify and debate the numerous traits that characterize a monster. This uncertainty allows both texts to…

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