Frankenstein And The Medical World : The Ethics Of Stem Cells

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Frankenstein and the Medical World: The Ethics of Stem Cells
After a long day of annoying people, stressful work assignments, and in general, an atrocious day, you sit on your most comfortable couch or sprawl out on your bed and go on the Internet. Travelling on the wave of craziness that is the Internet, you check all of your social media: Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Searching through the cat videos, memes, and weird random advertisements, you see it, the random post of a recent medical breakthrough that your friend posted to look more intelligent. Posts about medical breakthroughs are not uncommon in the social media, but it is not something that people actively search for when going on the Internet for downtime.
While people might be ignorant to science during their time on the Internet, books are not ignorant to science. There are many books from nonfiction to scientific fiction describing the science world. One such literary work is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Frankenstein is a fiction classic that was written in the 1800s. Frankenstein is a story mainly about Victor Frankenstein and his life story. Victor Frankenstein was a curious child in Geneva and loved learning. When he was old enough, he went off to college. He ended up being the top in his class and the best in science out of the whole university. With his newly inflated ego, he desired to be the greatest, so he decided to play god and reanimate a corpse. Using the new…

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