Frank 's And Vittorio 's Mothers Essay

1006 Words Mar 30th, 2016 5 Pages
Frank’s and Vittorio’s mothers are inadequate as parents, which results in the boys having to look to others for a parental figure in their lives. Vittorio’s mother, Cristina, makes several misguided decisions that ultimately results in Vittorio’s well being to be compromised. Cristina’s decision to have an affair results in Vittorio’s abuse in school. He is emotionally, physically and sexually abused because of the prejudice he has to endure as the result of his mother’s poor decisions. This has a negative impact on Vittorio because he is psychologically scarred for the rest of his life and all because of his mother’s decisions. His teacher, La Maestra, tries to protect him, but is unable to in the end. Vittorio seeks help and an escape in La Maestra because his mother is unable to notice his suffering. Likewise, Frankie’s mother makes some bad judgement calls as well. Frankie’s mother, Angela, has an addiction to nicotine and she is seen smoking constantly throughout her sons’ lives. The money she uses for her cigarettes could have otherwise been used for food for her children who are starving the majority of the time. Angela’s selfishness prompts Frankie to get a job instead of going back to school. He would rather sacrifice his education and work odd jobs around Limerick than not eat. This is understandable, but it can be prevented if Angela would find a job for herself. This has a negative impact on Frank, as he is forced to put money over his education at the meagre…

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