Essay about Frank Lloyd 's Style Architecture

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Frank Lloyd wright is probably one of the most famous starchitects there is. Frank Lloyd Wrights architecture helped shape modern architecture and the way buildings are shaped today. Buildings like the Willits House, Unity Temple, and especially the Robie House greatly influenced the architectural community. Wright was greatly influenced by another famous architect, Louis Sullivan. Sullivan’s philosophy on architecture was “Form follows function”. Wrights almost worked synonymously with this philosophy, except that he believed that form and function should work together as one. This method of thinking is of the reasons why Wright and Sullivan’s prairie school style architecture works so well. One of the best examples of this style is the Robie House. Frank Lloyd Wrights Robie House was built in 1909 and is located in Oak Park Illinois. Most of Wrights architecture is located in Illinois or other states around the midwest and it is very apparent to which structures were designed by Wright and this was because of his prairie school style architecture. But how did we get to this style of architecture? How is it that the architectural style of a home has changed so much from looking like the French Neoclassical style of Monticello by Thomas Jefferson to Frank Lloyd Wrights Robie House? The first thing that needs to be looked at is what the characteristics of a prairie school style home is. Prairie school architecture usually incorporates features such as a horizontal form, flat…

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