Essay about Frank Jacob 's Life Of The Gym For The Past 40 Years

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This paper covers the biography of Frank Jacob which covers aspects of his life that have been filled with love from his family, kids, grandkids, and his accomplishments while being a cop, and his love to exercise and always push himself. The biography of his life gives people a chance to see the evolution of women’s roles in exercising and weightlifting in the gym for the past 40 years. Frank Jacob’s observation while going to the gym for the past 40 years allows us to see public opinions, accepted norms and how stereotypes about women change. While Frank Jacob has seen the change in what a woman can do in a gym and his support for women originated from his mother’s advice “Do not take shit from anyone”.
Frank Jacob was born August 21, 1956, in Brooklyn New York where he was raised by his father and mother and many siblings. Growing up he was not involved with many sports team since he was mostly swinging under bridges for fun or with his friends. Frank Jacob grew up in a traditional Irish family going to church on Sundays and etc. though he never let being Irish stop him from meeting people of different cultures and race. At a very early age, Frank Jacob was very adventurous in trying new things and in dating a woman who was very strong and confident about themselves just like his mother. Frank Jacob lived in New York City until his retirement in 2007 and then he moved to Florida with his wife. He now relaxes now by having fun with his grandkids and staying in shape by…

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