Francis Bacon's Theory Of Science, Modern Science

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Old Science, Bacon Science, Modern Science
Victoria McAlister
Professor Innes
Technology and Politics
28 October 2015

In modern society, science is placed on a pedestal of ultimate truth. It is highly respected and almost worshipped by many. Yet, it was not always held in such high regards. Science was originally tied to the studies of mysticism, astrology, and philosophy. Modern science originated out of a sect of ancient philosophy known as natural philosophy. This transition from natural philosophy to modern science can be attributed to the “major prophet of the Scientific Revolution,” Francis Bacon. He changed the goal of science from gaining knowledge of nature to the conquest of nature. The impact of Bacon’s science
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He collected facts about the item in question and used the temperature to demonstrate his method. The first step was to compile a list of things that have heat, and then compile a list of things that are missing heat. Finally make a third list in order of the intensity in which the heat appears in the things it is in. He uses the Aristotelian term ‘forms’ to describe what his method would identify. For Bacon, when one has identified the formal form of a thing then one has power over it. Bacon states in Aphorism 3 of New …show more content…
While the modern scientist uses experiments to test their hypotheses. The Aristotelian method focused mostly on theorizing universal rules to provide universal truths, on the importance of gathering experience and data to prove hard scientific facts. A perfect example of the differences between old and modern science is how each would explain the spread of the Black Plague. The old science explained the disease spread as follows: “instantaneous death occurs when the aerial spirit escaping from the eyes of the sick man strikes the healthy person standing near and looking at the sick.” Modern science has provided evidence that the disease spread through the transmission of bacteria. Both sciences provide explanations of something transmitting from one person to the other. The difference lies in the fact the modern science tested hypotheses and executed experiments to gain evidence for their explanation. While, old science based their explanation on their current understanding and knowledge of the

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