Francis Bacon 's ' The Four Idols ' Essay

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INTRO: The human life can be quite interesting. Where did the human species come from? Darwin has an answer, humans evolved from apes. This was quite controversial in his time period, several people did not accept this revelation, even though he provided various scientific proofs. Countless believe in this theory and find it fascinating. One is Bernard Wood, who writes about evolution and how there could be several branches where the human species came from, he states, “human evolution is far more intricate and fascinating than most of us realized.” (Wood). One person it would have offended greatest is Francis Bacon’s Market place Idol. Bacon wrote on “The Four Idols” which were Idols of the Tribe, Idols of the Cave, Idols of the Market Place, and Idols of the Theater. Idols of the Tribe were human nature, beliefs, Idols of the Cave were for the individual man, what was proper in his nature. The Idols of the Market Place where the idol of communication. The idol of the Theatre was the minds of philosophers and laws. In Francis Bacon’s “The Four Idols” the idol of the Market Place would have the hardest time accepting Darwin’s theory of evolution on account of pride, always trying to overcome the other, and how they perceive conversation.
POV1: The Idol of the Market Place from Bacon’s “The Four Idols” wouldn’t agree with Darwin’s for of evolution on account of their pride. When sufficient amount of data is brought forth to convince this idol, it is too proud to accept it.…

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