Franchise Proposal : Boneheads Grilled Fish And Chicken Essay

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Franchise Proposal: Boneheads Grilled Fish and Chicken

Boneheads Grilled Fish and Chicken is a franchise that allows customers to enjoy seafood cuisine in an informal setting, which includes a unique open kitchen environment. The franchise was created in 2006 in Atlanta by two chefs who created a partnership in which they could share their entrepreneurial expertise. One of the chefs is from Atlanta and his vision was to create a restaurant in which customers could enjoy grilled fish in a casual setting. The second chef, from South America dreamed of introducing his “Piri Piri” pepper sauce to the United States (Boneheads). Together they created Boneheads whose mission and philosophy is to make tasty food at an affordable price and in a relaxing setting. “Boneheads is a quick, casual restaurant concept that serves quality seafood and chicken menu items.” (

In order to preserve and deliver their mission and philosophy, Boneheads Grilled Fish and Chicken rely on a detailed and customer service orientated managerial and marketing plan. In order to become a franchisee of the Boneheads’ franchise, the owner must follow the mandatory training program for managers. There must be at least two managers at each location, whom must attend The Boneheads School, which is a seventeen day training program. The program addresses how to manage the business, sales techniques, accounting, personnel training, and other factors of managing a…

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