Fran Hayden Joins Dairy Engineering Essay

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Background Information

Fran Hayden is a recent graduate from the University of Waikato, where she completed her Bachelor’s in Management Studies (BMS). In the final year of her degree she applied to Dairy Engineering Ltd. which had its headquarters in Hamilton, New Zealand. She was invited for an interview and then offered an assistant accounting position. She was unsure if it was the right position for her. On her first day of work, Fran found out that there was no vacancy in the Cost Accounting Department she had been hired to work in, and she was assigned to Management Information Services (MIS) instead.
Her job included compiling information for the monthly report which was termed as the ‘Big Brother’ in the department. The Chief
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No other section would want you.” What is occurring here is a clear case of psychological harassment. With verbal harassment being defined as “unwanted conduct, verbal comments... that undermine an employee's dignity...” this kind of bullying behaviour is extremely detrimental to the work environment. (McShane, Steen, 2012, pg.110)

Some really bad team norms have developed in this company. Other members of the team like Rob and Mike, seem to expect and accept Peter’s abusive actions as the ‘norm’. When Mike comments on Peter’s actions saying, “He just uses other people’s brains”, it can be seen that while the employees are not happy with the way their manager is behaving, they have learned to accept that behaviour as a team norm. (McShane, Steen, 2012, pg. 224)

Another issue faced by Dairy Engineering is the lack of proper team development practices. As noticed in this case when Fran Hayden was first employed into Dairy Engineering she didn’t have formal orientation and a formal introduction to her co-workers. She was given an informal tour and just trained by her co-worker. A team meeting could have been called initially and her exact role in the team could have been explained to her in that meeting. This would have helped other people in the department to

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