Fran Hayden Case Study Essay

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Fran Hayden Jones Case Study

What are the main issues in the case?

Dairy Engineering showed a serious lack of communication among employee’s, from Fran’s experiences working for the company we have been able to gather that employees feel mistreated by managers, while managers are unable to communicate effectively. Organizational commitment is a large factor influencing the flaws in this companies ability to have a positive work environment. Employees are easily becoming stressed which is having a direct impact on their effectiveness, and their roles are not specifically outlined for them.

Why did the problems/ issues occur? Continuance Commitment: Continuance commitment is the view that the employee is only attached to the
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The final factor towards job satisfaction is clear direction and objectives, the lack of direction was evident from day one for Fran as from the moment she walked into the MIS department she was unclear as to what she was supposed to be doing and until the end of her employment at the company she remained unclear as to what her objectives were.

What options exist to fix it?

Build Organizational Commitment: The effective way to improve employees’ attitudes is to build organizational commitment. Management should express humanitarian values by being fair, and forgiving to employees. In order to build affective commitment employees must share the same values with the company, allowing employees to discuss their values and act in a way that supports them can do this. Employee involvement will help improve their loyalty to the company, if they feel as if they are involved with decisions they will be more likely to work harder and more effectively. Lastly employees must trust their managers, if an employee does not trust their supervisor; it makes it hard for them to feel comfortable in their work environment.

Job design: In order to perform a job well, employees have to have accurate role perceptions. Job design is important when trying to fix inaccurate role perceptions and improve work efficiency. There are two main solutions that can fix this problem, job specialization

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