Essay about Framing As A Tool Of Manipulation

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When discussing the subject of “framing” it is important to examine both the definition and origin of the term but also application of how framing is used. To begin, framing is, as the name suggests, a way of presenting “stories”, specifically information, that is done so through editing, sifting, collecting, and organizing information. In a media setting this is used to help present, information that the media is presenting. The influence “framing” has in the media can rapidly change the idea of even concept that the “framing” is presenting to its audience. Framing can be used as a tool of manipulation such as in politics where it can help influence important decisions to the general public and reinforce “…or changing what people think of an issue.” (Saylor 33)

Priming is the term used when describing the “Media frames” where a certain focus on “judgment” and decisions is made on governments and political issues. Priming has a great affect on how issues can be presented in terms of who is “responsible” and “accountable” for these issues, whether they be politically or socially charged. When most political issues that revolve around a “big even” the president, as explained in the text is “often held responsible for the nation’s problems” (Saylor 34); The media through priming essentially can help “alter” the viewpoint in how people view the president and those in political power. In being able to do such, as the text points out, the media has the “strong” power of future…

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