Fracking The Natural Gas And Oil Essay

870 Words Dec 12th, 2015 4 Pages
. The process used to dislodge the natural gas and oil with in the earth or the pumping of fluids into wells requires “fifty to one hundred more times more fracking fluids…” What this means for the environment is the second factor the possibility of “flow back” that is released along with the gas or oil. What this flowback means is now there is an increased risk of water contamination for this liquid waste can makes its way into water reserves or cause large scale spills. All of which have already occurred and have been documented in this essay previously. Although there is additional contaminants released from this process, contaminants that many researchers including the Environmental protection agency have identified as leading continuant to the change in the global climate. This process of fracturing the earth can also cause methane gas to rise up to the ground’s surface and then into the atmosphere. The dangers of this occurring have already been evaluated by EPA and are quite astonishing, in the same way that the harmful liquid waste products of fracking has reached water supplies, there is now evidence to suggest that methane could reach into these locations through similar fractures. Allstadt concurs with this evidence and puts in perspective what the rapid growth the industry will mean for the future of our atmosphere. “… if you do hundreds of thousands of wells, there 's a good chance you 're going to have a lot of methane coming up, exacerbating global warming..”…

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