Fracking The Future : Fracking Essay

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Fracking the Future The search for energy sources has lead to many disagreements. While the middle east provides most of the world’s energy via oil, the United States has been drilling for oil and looking for other ways to acquire an energy resource. Recently, the up and coming process of hydraulic fracturing has provided an energy resource for the United States. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking for short, is the process of using a mixture of water, sand, and other additives to break apart rock formations deep underground to extract fossil fuels like oil and methane gas ("Fracking"). In the United States, fracking has led to many problems involving environmental risks. If the United States plans on having a safe and healthy future, fracking should be illegal because fracking degrades land, endangers the environment, and contaminates water. Fracking causes difficult decisions and problems for landowners who give companies mineral rights. When a company gets permission to frack for natural gas, they promise a payout to the landowner; but, recently some landowners were disappointed because the companies did not follow through with the promise. For example, Don Feusner was a farmer who sold almost all of his angus cattle because he was promised hundreds of thousands of dollars; his monthly checks started at over eight thousand dollars, then quickly fell to only sixteen hundred dollars while the same amount of oil was being gathered from his land (Lustgarten). While this is…

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