Fracking : The Environment And The Health Of The Community Essay

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Fracking can be devastating to the environment and the health of the community that lives near any fracking operation. There have been many cases documented where families that either live near a fracking site or that have even allowed fracking companies to frack on their land, having unusual symptoms that are related back to fracking. These symptoms can be but not limited to fatigue, burning eyes, dermatologic irritation, headaches, upper respiratory problems and many more. Along with these health risks that fracking causes directly, there are other long term harms that fracking contributes to. Air pollution is one of them, when you burn natural gas that is extracted by means of fracking you are releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gasses cause many health problems for younger kids and older adults, mainly upper respiratory problems like asthma due to the pollution of the air through the burning of the fossil fuels.
Even though we know that the burning of fossil fuels negatively impacts our environment and our health, we rely too heavily on them to fuel energy needs. Currently 36% of the U.S. energy consumption is derived from petroleum, 26% from natural gas, 20% from coal, and 8% from nuclear sources, with only 9% being from renewable resources, such as wind and solar power. Ongoing development of all energy sources are still being done and that includes ongoing development of fracking. The U.S. as a nation has a very high energy demand and the…

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