Fracking Persuasive Speech

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Fracking is the process of extracting gas from below the earth’s surface using water, sand, and chemical additives. Fracking allows companies to extract thousands of gallons of oil per well from once deemed unusable shale. However, only recently have people been made more environmentally conscious and are beginning to question whether fracking can harm the environment. With little studies proving the safety or hazardness of fracking and its byproducts, regulations should be put in place that ban or strictly manage the environmental impacts caused by hydraulic fracking.
To begin with, carbon emissions, or the smoke that results from burning fossil fuels are believed to be bad for the environment, and efforts to minimize them have been consistently
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For example, according to Krisberg, the Environmental Protection Agency has made it public that they believe fracking might be able to impact sources of drinking water in the United States. The statement is huge due to the fact that the EPA is powerful and authoritative source of information relating to the environment. The fact that the leading environmental organization in the world doesn't know whether fracking can damage water supplies in the U.S. should make people jittery with fear. There are thousands and thousand of hydraulic fracking wells in the U.S. and they release thousands of gallons of wastewater created during the drilling process. This wastewater includes different chemicals used in the mixture of sand and water to aid the drilling process, and they are extremely hazardous to the environment. According to Krisberg, the EPA had trouble referencing many chemicals used during fracking and only a fraction are able to be measured in a human health review. These troubling revelations are one of the reasons that the fracking chemicals are not good for the environment and some type of regulations or bans should be put into place that will deter these chemicals from impacting drinking water sources in the

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