Essay on Fracking : Keep On Fracking America

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Keep on Fracking America Fracking is a topic of today which as mixed views from person to person. Some seeing the good things which have come from fracking, as others see negative impact which they believe fracking has. One appeal that can be found about fracking is it should be continued. Many may disagree, although; fracking has many benefits and can be furthered in time to be much more efficient and overall better. The first thing to look at is how fracking has set America aside in the oil industry. America started rising after the recent increases in use of hydraulic fracking. As many may know the United States uses millions of barrels of oil a year and many had been imported from other foreign countries. Alex Martinelli, energy expert and engineer, said, “The world has consumed approximately 1 trillion barrels of oil since the oil age began in the mid-19th century,” This changed more recently because of the amount that the United States is able to put out with the new changes. According to Cred, also known as Coloradans for responsible energy development, talks about the how fracking is the single reason for the upbringing in the United States oil. They also talk about how fracking might bring the Unites States to be energy independent.
Then looking at another article written by Stephen Mraz, a biomedical engineer, talks about how fracking is much more efficient. Mraz talked about how the majority of oil and natural gas collection is done by the technic of fracking.…

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