Fracking : Is There Possibility Of Energy Independence? Essay

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What is Fracking?
Review of Literature

This literature review will examine fracking by responding to the following subtopic questions:
- Is There Possibility Of Energy Independence?
-Are There Any Economical Impacts of Fracking?
- Is Fracking Efficient?
-Are There Any Employment Opportunities? Is There Possibility of Energy Independence?
With the mass discovery of the Marcellus Shale, the fracking industry has developed exponentially in the past years. Due to the large amounts of natural gas under the earth, typically the Marcellus Shale, experts say these reservoirs may be able to make American energy independent and not rely on other nations for energy sources. The Marcellus Shale’s massive size comprises mainly of Pennsylvania, but also includes portions of New York, West Virginia, and Ohio. CITATION Ber12 l 1033 (Bert, 2012) Since this reservoir is the largest discovery ever documented this had led industry analysts to believe that America could become energy independent. Thomas D. et al Reo states how the analysts “consider” the Marcellus shale to energize the nation for the next 15 years. However, Webber (2013) stated “The International Energy Agency reported recently that the U.S could become the world’s largest petroleum producer by 2020 and energy independent by 2035”. And while there is no known amount of natural gas in the shale, its credibility cannot be confirmed. According to Bert (2012), estimates of natural gas deposits can be around trillions of…

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