Fracking : Is It Harmful For American Citizens? Essay example

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Fracking; is it Harmful to American Citizens? Fracking in the United States has recently hit a boom. Fracking is not actually the process of retrieving the natural gas or oil. However, it is the process of improving the energy flow of the components before the extraction of oil or natural gas begin. In these terms, fracking will be counted as the whole process, before and after drilling. Fracking has many supporters and many foes. Although the U.S has been fracking for a while and has cut down oil prices, fracking does and has done a numerous amount of damage, ranging from infrastructure problems to pollution.
Fracking in the U.S has happened for about 65 years. Not until recently did it become better innovated to produce more natural gas. The oil and natural gas that is produced from fracking is happening in 35 states. The biggest states that have the most fracking rigs are Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. States that have put a ban to fracking are New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts(with the exception of Native American Lands). Even throughout certain states there are local fracking bans. Throughout the U.S, there are approximately 1.7 million wells. The previous year there was a count of about 1.1 million wells. However, in 2015 “...the additional half-million wells can be accounted for by including wells listed as dry holes, and the inclusion of more types of injection wells,”(Kelso 1). The most recent count that was done counted many more than the time…

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