Essay on Fracking : Fracking And Fracking

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In a rural town where population is not large where natural gas is found beneath. The perfect location for the process of fracking. Fracking or Hydraulic fracturing is the process of drilling down into the earth and releasing a high pressure water mix to obtain natural gas. Fracking began as an experiment in 1947 and started commercially in 1950 and since over two million “fracking jobs” have been done since. The process of fracking is very controversial around the world and has even been banned in a number of countries. There are two sides of the fracking debate where I’ve provided an article from both. The first side is the pro-fracking group they believe that there is no basis or proof that there are any environmental risks and the economic benefits are huge and believe that fracking should continue. The second side is the anti-fracking group who believes that there are many environmental issues associated with this process and no amount of money could outweigh these and believe fracking should be stopped. But these two sides have a little common ground where they agree on some points and compromise. The first article is from the New Republic and the author Danny Vinik who seems to represent the pro-fracking group by the way he talks about the politicians who oppose this technique. He talks about people from the Democratic party in a derogatory way he starts the paper with “Democrats have often argued over the past few years have not had a significant effect on energy…

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