Fracking For Freedom : Fracking Essay

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Fracking for Freedom The United states has been feeling the squeeze for natural resources and domesticated production of products over the last few years. (“Dimick”) With gas prices rising and the threat of pollution in the air the people have been looking for alternative solutions to the problems facing us today. Over the last decade or so a new trend in the way we extract our natural gases has gained popularity. Hydraulic fracturing better known now as “fracking” has become the most worthwhile option for business 's. “According to the Energy Information Administration, shale gas will account for nearly half of the natural gas produced in the U.S. by 2035.” (McGraw) With such a lucrative business though it 's sure to bring in it 's share of people that are only in it to make a quick buck. Fracking has to potential to be a temporary feasible option to solve our gaping wound of an energy problem in the United States, but done improperly and without harshly enforced rules and regulations it can also be a recipe for disaster. Fracking isn 't exactly “new.” The earliest days of fracking can be traced back to 1865 with Lt. Col. Edward A. L. Roberts’ original patents. The process used to involve using dynamite and nitroglycerine. “Our business since Colonel Roberts’ day has concerned lowering high explosives charges into oil wells in the Appalachian area to blast fractures into the oil bearing sand,” says Tallini. (“Shooters”) Other options for oil ended up taking over due to…

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