Essay Fracking And The Economic Impact

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Hydraulic fracturing is the process used to fracture shale rock deposits, allowing the extraction oil and natural gas from deep below the earth’s surface. The drilling and fracturing process produces large amounts of contaminated wastewater that is pressurized and forced back into the ground deep below the earth’s surface. Over the last several years there have been many debates over the dangers of “Fracking” and the economic impact. There are a lot of concerns from environmental groups and concerned citizens, not only with the drilling and fracturing process, but with the excessive amounts of fresh water wasted in the process and the disposal of wastewater after the drilling is complete.
Hydraulic fracturing poses many dangers to the earth and its inhabitants because the fracturing process, disposal of wastewater, the release of toxic gasses into the atmosphere, contaminated ground water, the excessive amounts of fresh water wasted, and the potential for causing earthquakes. In recent years there has been an increase in earthquakes in areas of the United States, that in previous years were rare. If society continues to allow the big oil companies to use hydraulic fracturing as a method of extracting natural gas and oil the results will be devastating to the environment. The Big Oil and energy companies would like the public to believe it is a safe and an environmentally friendly process. Exxon claims to have been conducting fracking safely for over 60 years, Exxon…

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