Fourteen Reasons Why Dieting Is Bad For Your Health

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While the dieter’s body is taking the toll from the harmful effects of dieting, his/her mind and body parts are reacting as well. However, what about his/her family? What about his/her co-workers? Due to the lack of nutrients and essentials, the body starts deteriorating. Just as I stated above, the lack of insulin makes it hard for carbohydrates to be converted into energy. That lack of energy causes the metabolic rate to decrease. As a result, the oxygen levels then fluctuate. When oxygen is consumed in greater amounts than normal, just to work properly, the heart is not used to the new amount of oxygen that it has to intake and has to make accommodations (Daee, Robinson, Lawson, Turpin, Gregory, Tobias 3). Then, with the new stress that …show more content…
There are many aspects that must be broken to fulfill the requirements of the diet. As I stated earlier, the dieter has to learn a new and different eating style, however, is the way the people behind the diets are teaching the dieters the correct way or style? (“Fourteen Reasons Why Dieting Is Bad For Your Health” 1). The correct answer is no. Although there are many diets that are available, the proper mindset must be involved. Learning is an essential part in life, but it takes time. A student cannot learn how to successfully complete a complex calculus problem in one day. It takes a longer period of time to be able to solve the problem, just as with a diet. The mind and body cannot successfully adapt to change in a matter of one or two weeks. The body conforms to eating a certain way, however, if the diet is just short term, is it really worth it to learn how to eat a completely different way? Many times, the reason as to why people turn to diets is to lose weight, but he/she is only taking the easy way out. Many dieters feel guilty leaving the food they love for a silly diet they feel necessary in order to improve their …show more content…
As a result, his/her self esteem is getting lower and lower each time he/she has to stress about the food, he/she then starts thinking about how bad his/her life is and why the reason he/she is on the diet in the first place (“Fourteen Reasons Why Dieting Is Bad For Your Health” 1). Going along with self esteem, behavioral issues begin to arise. Behavioral issues arise due to the determination to fill one’s needs. Those needs include doing anything and everything to reach their goal. However, the sad part is, not just adults turn to diets. Several studies have been conducted and the results show adolescents turn in order to fit in with peers. Adults and even adolescents start lashing out in violent outbreaks when anybody gets in their way (Daee, Robinson, Lawson, Turpin, Gregory, Tobias ). There is that chance that the dieter can lash out in school, public, work, or even sporting events. Those violent outbreaks are hard to break when the dieter’s mind is on that one goal. Adolescents and adults get to the point in which they do not want to be around people because they are scared somebody is going to try to stop them from going on with their

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