Four Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Reputation By Philip Cohen

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Rick Mulready discusses social media, social media marketing, content marketing and business marketing strategies; also he is bringing the latest tips and tricks in growing your business through digital marketing. Learn how the most successful brands in the world are using social media and how you can model their social marketing strategies for your own small business.

From this picture we can observe the audiences that are using his podcast through analyzing the social media pages. As we see in YouTube channel there are 372 subscribers and 29,820 views. In Twitter, there are 3911 followers’ follow him, and finally in Facebook there are 5117 people like his page. So as I noticed most active page was Facebook then Twitter. Actually, once
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Social media allows you to build that trust and good reputation as Ford Company did in the social media in this time. Also, Social media is building relationships with the people that you care about, so You MUST be listening in social media and it will tell where your customers are and where you need to be.

In the article “4 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Reputation” by Philip Cohen, it talks about 4 ways you have to avoid to build a good reputation about your own business. Social media is a great way to promote brand and develop relationships with consumers. Social media usage can actually damage your reputation or make it good. Here are a few ways social media can destroy your reputation or make it good that the article talks about it.
The first step is Inappropriate Photos Display a Bad Image, which means you have to be carful about what you will post and share in the social media. Be wary of what you post on your page and what your employees are posting about work on their private pages. It could cost your company 's
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The theme in this episode is Lia shares her experience at the brand’s social media strategy, providing certain campaign examples and strategies for finding where your customers hangout online so that you can engage with them in social media pages.
Also, Lia talked about Adidas does a great job in using the appropriate social platforms to give fans access to the brand that they wouldn 't be able to get anywhere else. Also, how Adidas dose good job during games for getting more customers through their social media pages.

In the article “Adidas Scores Big In Sales And Social Media Growth During The World Cup”, by Alicia Jessop talks about how Adidas make a growth sales during the games in last world cup. According to Ernesto Bruce who is the Adidas America’s director of soccer, Adidas has seen sales growth of 45-percent for 2014 over 2013, and in 2014 Adidas make the largest marketing campaign in the history of Adidas soccer in the social media. Also, Adidas’s social media teams have some strategies for supporting some players how have contract with them, and this is an example of a Tweet from Adidas’s account to Columbia 's player

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