Four Square Lumber Mill Essay

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Question 1: Identify and discuss the major issue(s) in the case

In the requisition of the carborundum blades, it specifically mentioned that no substitute for Swiss blade is permitted but Iqbal still trying to find alternative solution available in the local market. He found the alternative sources and persuades the sawing operation to perform the trial. The trial is failed and now Iqbal convinced that he being sabotage, he accused the sawing operation team was purposely unfairly treated the local blades during the operation to ensure the local blades would fail. This is because, during the discussion with Sam, foreman of sawing operation, he is reluctant to proceed with the trial and very confident that the
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Mr Dalton, the CPM emphasise of implementation of early supply management and early supplier involvement as one ways of improving the Dear John’s profitability. While Mr. Steel, who is chief engineer of the Company is not agree to involving the supplier in product design and development and emphasise of having the best engineer in house for doing that internally.

Due to the disagreement between both of them, the COO of the Company conducted a meeting involving both parties to discuss the merit and possible implementation of early supply management and early supplier involvement.

Question 2: List of inclusion of supply management and prequalified suppliers

Improved Quality - by doing the early supplier involvement, the company could benefit from expertise and collaborative synergy of supplier into the design process, which will improved the quality of the product. Through this also, any major problem on quality would also be able to be detected and settled much earlier. Improved technology flow from the suppliers – capitalise and utilise on the technology advancement of the supplier and creating value added to the product

Reduced time to market – will the benefit gain from expertise, collaboration synergy and technology advantage, product development process is faster and therefore reduced time to market the product and enable the company to enjoy the marketing advantage

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