Four Major Styles Of Parenting

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Child development is one of the most important jobs a person could have. Being a parent means one has the job of preparing the child for adulthood. Therefore, said parent is the child’s sole model of adulthood, while others are mere comparisons. The development process is foremost based off the parenting style the guardian practices. The way a parent acts and/or treats the child will affect the child’s world outlook and self-esteem. Everyone had a certain parenting technique that has brought them up to who they are now and they now have an idea of the technique they wish to use for their future children. Where did these techniques arise and who decided what meant what?
Baumrind attended both Hunter College and the University of California where
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Now, everyone has their own way of raising their child. However, everyone will fall into a category one way or another for they all have fairly large spectrums. Authoritative and Authoritarian are opposites. The former relies on independence and communication while the latter relies on the idea that children should be seen and not heard. (Bennett, 2016) The developmental outcome of the two lead to very different results, Authoritative can lead to self-reliance and social competence, while the other can lead to a lack of initiative and poor communication skills. These all make sense if one is to sit and consider what the two parenting styles entail.
The other two major parenting styles are neglectful and indulgent. Neglectful is when the parent has little awareness and/or has little to no involvement with their child. While Indulgent, also known as permissive, has to do when the parent is involved but gives no commands. Neglectful parenting has been known to lead to anxiety and poor communication skills, not unlike the Authoritarian style. Then again, the Indulgent style has the same outcomes as the former, including the lack of initiative. (Bennett,
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I prefer to follow in my own mother’s footsteps and continue the authoritative household I have grown up in. This will allow my children the freedom to explore themselves as the grown into adulthood. Boyhood/girlhood is such an important time for development and in order to keep them in line for future interest, one must keep their best interest in mind. This also carries on to how they will parent their children. If I were to go the authoritarian route they may be too lenient with their children and they will go down the wrong path.
According to Baumrind, authoritative is certainly the best style for the household considering the observed outcomes. I have personally experienced two different parenting styles and that doesn’t even count what I have observed out my front door. When it comes to my cousins and friends, everyone’s parents have their own style with a little of their own lenience and authority. It’s important to notice this when you are young so you see what their outcome is and you will know personally how and what you would like to bring into your own

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