Four Different Types of Crime Essay

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Course Conover: Dr Hennessey Hayes Tutor: Dr Jacqueline Homel Course Code: CCJ15 Course name: Introduction to Crime and Criminology Assessment number: 1 Due Date: 23.04.10 Extension confirmation number: 14177

Student name: Tamara Chatterton Student number: S2736240

This essay will examine four different types of crime. These include: Property, Violent, White-collar and Internet crimes. To examine these in detail this essay will define and explain each one. It will then describe how they are measured and how data id gathered for each of them. It will then go on to identify the typical offenders and victims of each individual crime and finish with a description of how much the occurrence of these crimes are costing the community. Defining
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However this essay will focus more on the range of „computer focused‟ “crimes that have emerged only with the creation of the internet and could not exist apart from it.” (Hennessey, 2008, p168). Measuring crime involves looking at and analysing statistics. When looking at these statistics, it is clear that there is a pattern in the types of crimes and their offenders. The following statistics are taken from police records of crimes detected and reported the courts and correctional facilities, as well as surveys of offenders, victims and the general public. There are two types of data. Administrative data are drawn from the administrative records from police. (Hennessey, 2008, p36). The only problem with this data is that it does not take into account the dark-figure of crime, which is “the amount of crime that is undetected, not reported and not recorded.” (Hennessey, 2008, p35). Property crimes such as theft are usually committed by “juveniles aged between 10-17 years had higher rates for property offences” (Hennessey, 2008, p80) than any other age group. Violent crimes, such as murder, sexual assault and robbery, are generally committed by young male adults aged between 18-24years. In Australia in 2004-2005 the average for convictions for these crimes was a huge 92% of males compared to only 8% of females. (Hennessey, 2008, p83). Less violent crimes such as white-collar crimes like fraud are a

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