Foundations of Human Development Essay

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Foundations of Human Development in the Social Environment Paper

Foundations of Human Development in the Social Environment Paper
The development of a human being can positively and negatively affected by numerous factors during a lifetime. As you read, you will learn many aspects that can make or break a humans development. I will discuss the interactions between the biopsychosocial dimensions of development, the concept of human diversity and cultural competence, and the connection between the general systems theory and social order. Bio-Psycho-Social Dimensions The biological aspect of human development starts at the time of conception. The two parents have intercourse and fertilization of the mothers egg by
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Parents must socialize with their children to help lay down a foundation of social skills that benefit a child for the rest of their lives. Human Diversity and Cultural Competence We must understand that people come from many different types of societies and these societies play a factor on an individual’s development. In these societies there are many groups of people and it is very diverse. Diversity is a deference in a group of people whether its age, race, culture, religion, race, sex, and sexual orientation. When there is diversity there is also discrimination, people get treated differently just because they belong to these certain groups. People need to achieve a level of cultural competence to recognize the diversity and focus on the individual as a whole and have acceptance of who they are. General Systems Theory and Social Order We must have social order within society. With discrimination, racism, and injustice in our society we must not tolerate it and fight against it. We must become more aware of the diversity of the area we live in and have more cultural acceptance for others. The systems theory makes human services professionals adapt to the diversity. The professional comes up with an approach to accommodate a client and the diverse background that they have. The client will appreciate it and I believe the client will open up to the professional more because they

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