Foundations Of Nursing Theory Case Study

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Discussion 2 answers
1. Review the video Foundations of Nursing Theory. Discuss one concept learned.
In her video on the foundations of nursing theory, Jenko addressed the concept of Metaparadigm in nursing. According to Jenko, the nursing Metaparadigm is a universal overview of all nursing theories (2015). It is consisted of four main components, which are nursing, person, environment, and health (jenko, 2015). Nursing paradigm as a concept that focuses on nursing as a profession with a purpose of achieving the optimum health possible for the client. In agreement with jenko’s thinking, Nursing in Nursing Metaparadigm is the interconnection between the client and the nurse where the nurse delivers therapeutic interventions based on research,
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Nightingale understood the importance of the environment in achieving optimal wellness and positive outcomes for patients (Zborowsky, 2014). She has developed her theory based on direct observation, and realized the importance of clean and well sanitized environment. She understood the importance of providing patients with clean water, fresh air, appropriate ventilation, and adequate nutrition, to the wellbeing of her patients (Zborowsky, 2014). In the long term facility where I work, the application of nightingale 's theory is evident. As a health care team, we work diligently to keep our residents’ surroundings clean and free of clutter. We provide them with fresh water and adequate nutrition. We strive to give them regular showers and make certain that they are well groomed. This clearly reflects on their overall wellbeing and satisfaction. I have personally learned that if our residents are not satisfied with the care we provide, their overall health gets affected and they might become ill. When they are sleeping, we strive to provide them with a quit environment. We allow them access to basic amenities such as television, snacks, and games. We assess their fluid and nutrition intake on a regular basis and keep records. These are just few examples where nightingale 's environmental theory is applied in our long term …show more content…
Sometimes, I provide direct care to the patients where I am in direct contact with the patients and their families. I always try to behave as professional and yet deliver care with compassion. On the other hand, sometimes I take on the role of the worker who has to make sure that all tasks get completed in a timely manner.
In my opinion, nursing is a lifelong learning profession. As a nurse, I am learning new things daily as I mature into my profession. I do not believe that education for nurses has a plateau as it is infinite.
4. Discuss how your philosophy of nursing compares and contrasts with WSSU DON’s Philosophy of Nursing (See handbook or Power Point Presentation for DON Philosophy
My philosophy of nursing does not differ from the philosophy discussed in the WSSU DON handbook. There is no doubt that any nursing philosophy should focus on the individual, society as a whole, achieving optimal health, carrying oneself in a professional manner, and furthering and continuing ones

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