Foundations in Management - Emerging Organizational Forms: Work and Organization in the 21st Century

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Foundations in Management

Emerging Organizational Forms: Work and Organization in the 21st Century

We live in a dynamic world and the dynamism continues to grow. As the dynamism progresses, newer paradigms of strategy, organization and work are explored to maintain a balance and cope with the pace. The transformation of business activity, through technological development, the shorter life-cycle of business ideas and products, and the need for new skills requires new strategies and new forms of work organization. Hence, conventional ways of organizational structure and working have been challenged.

The blurring of boundaries leads to new developments in the external environment influencing the organization. The dynamism of the
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The exchange of information and knowledge regarding work, life and cultures has led to people migrating to distant places in search of livelihood and apt work and life profiles. Technology has also facilitated the speed of personal decision making and the distribution of organizational structures making the market a more competitive place to deal with.

The alterations in work and personal life communities have initiated a shift in the demographic patterns which have directly and indirectly influenced the priorities of the people and have led to changing consumer patterns. Organizations as a result need to adapt to this economic, demographic and technological evolution which has impacted the economic trajectories of nations and hence forced organization to rethink upon their process and economic calculations in order to woo the empowered consumer.

eg. A GAP shirt designed in India has the fabric woven in Malaysia which is eventually stitched in Sri Lanka and ultimately sold in the US Store. The mentioned example is an outcome of the economic, social and technological factors that affect the entire value chain of the product steered by the people and policies. In order to sustain such a market environment organizations have to work upon strategies that flatten the network making it more agile, responsive and adaptable

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