Foundation of Spanish, English, French & Dutch Colonies in North America

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Unit 1: The Foundation of the Spanish, French, Dutch and English Colonies in North America * Initial Contact (Spanish) * The French and Dutch Colonies * The English Colonies

Part I: Initial Contact (Spanish) #1: Who were the earliest inhabitants of the Americas? * About 14,000 years ago (12,000 BCE), people started to migrate across BERINGIA to Americas * By 8,000 BCE, they reached to Tierra del Fuego * 3 waves came from Asia, 1 from Polynesia (to Easter Island) around 300 AD, 1 from Scandinavia (Norsemen) around 900 AD

#2: What are 2 characteristics of Neolithic American culture? * Clovis tip spear and climate change killed off most large animals (woolly
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* Northwest Passage: a northwest route through Americas to Asia (google earth) * 1524: French sponsored Italian Verrazano (New York Harbor area)—Google earth * 1534-1543: Jacques Cartier makes three voyages, but gives up (St. Lawrence River) * 1608-1635: Samuel de Champlain makes 11 voyages; establishes Quebec in 1608 on St. Lawrence River * 1625: French Crown declares Catholic as the official religion of New France

#10: What characterized early New France (1524-1663) religious and economically? • Religiously – Attempts at religious tolerance b/w French Huguenots and Catholics (Champlain) • Politiques (politics over religion) – BUT: Catholicism dominated • Jesuit missionaries to convert Indians • Allowed Indians to maintain

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