Foucault 's View On The Repressive Hypothesis Essay

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(c) Explain Foucault 's view on "the repressive hypothesis". Discuss whether he believes there is, or has been, repression, what he wants to investigate, and the formation of sexual subjects. Provide examples. Over the years, the society has come across various views of sexuality. The views on sexuality has moved from a period of being freely expressive and open about our sex and sexuality to a period of repression and hypocrisy of such expressions. The repressive views were seen to arise in the 17th century. Michel Foucault, a French philosopher, argues that the history of sexuality since the 17th century has maintained a repressive view, which Foucault refers to as the “repressive hypothesis” (SparkNotes Editors, n.d.). This essay will explore Foucault’s view on “the repressive hypothesis”, exploring whether he believes repression exists. This essay will, further, explore what Foucault wants to investigate and the formation of sexual subjects. The repressive hypothesis refers to the concept that thoughts and views about sex and sexuality have been repressed and silenced during the late 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. This hypothesis is in parallel with the rise of bourgeoisie in the 17th century (SparkNotes Editors, n.d.). Since the rise of bourgeoisie in the 17th century, sex was restricted to being talked about in homes and in private (SparkNotes Editors, n.d.). This bourgeoisie class values a firm work ethic and would frown upon wasting energy on other…

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