Foucault 's Position On Power Relationships Essay example

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In this paper I will argue Foucault’s position on power relationships, and what this draws out about Pancrace’s decision in participating the genocide. Finally, I will give my own argument about the influence of culture ought to have on individuals in the modern society.
Power relation “Rather than speaking of an essential antagonism, it would be better to speak of an ‘agonism’ of a relationship that is at the same time mutual incitement and struggle” (4). According to Foucault, power relations are the mutual “struggle” (4) between both sides. It is noteworthy to understand that the “struggle” (4) is the mutual “incitement” (4) of two sides, a benign provocation that helps both sides to realize their goals in a relationship instead of a mean-spirited war. Since power is not an “antagonism”, a power relation does not only exist between a superior and an inferior participant. Foucault defines power relation as “a mode of action upon the actions of others” (3). Since I continuously seek to control over someone else in certain matters and take dependence under someone else, I cannot escape from some sort of power relations if I want to survive and succeed in this modern world. To be a subject means to act on someone else, and to influence others’ action through my own actions. Foucault emphasizes that there are things I should and should not contribute into a power relation. Power relations are inheritably dangerous, therefore, do what I should do in a power relation influences…

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